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    Modification to Rich Incident Process


      Hi all, I'm wanting to modify the rich incident process within ITBM 7.3.2 to add an automatic email notification to the end user when the following is performed:


      - Call creation

      - Call note creation

      - Call closure


      Can anyone offer any advise as to how I go about modifying the rich incident process to include these instances?


      Thank you,


      Anthony Papadopoulo

      Bidwells, Cambridge

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          Hi Anthony


          In our Incident process an email is sent to end user once the call is assigned to the resolver group (I've attached a screenshot) and the same on closure (we have an assignment after a manual action of "Close Incident" before the Closed status that assigns the call to Servicedesk so in that assignment the Notify Originator box is checked).


          We only have a email notification for note creation at 1 status and it's simply a manual action of Add Note, followed by an automatic action Add Reminder from the status which then loops back into the status.  If you've more than 1 status you might want to take a look at this http://community.landesk.com/support/message/66948#66948 same sort of idea where it'll loop back into the right status rather than having loads of Add Note - Add Reminders all over the process.  I'm sure others may already send a notification on note creation throughout the process and may be able to advise better.



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            Helen, thank you very much for your assistance.  I'll try putting some of that into action.  Anthony