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    Remote Site Agents (Patches / Antivirus / Packages)


      We have a LD 9 Core in the United States. We have an office in China. The need has arrived to manage the computers at the China Office with LANDesk. We want to focus on Antivirus Updates and Security / Vulnerability patches initially, packages are not the greatest concern.


      Connectivity is slow.


      That being said, do I need another Core at the China office or is there something else I can do to have a single node located at the China office download the patches and antivirus updates and then redistribute them to the other computers in the office? ... or is this the purpose of a second (replicated) core server?


      Your help is greatly appreciated.




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          doubtful you will need another core.  Use the file replicator that is part of 9.0 sp2 to copy files to your china site.  From there the systems will download the software from the preferred server you have set up. 


          Using a preffered server and throttling the file replication will allow you to take advantage of these features that should prevent you from having to have another core server.

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