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    setup.exe flag (switches do not work)


      i have been looking for a solution to this, but i cant seem to find one. 

      the problem is that we are trying to uninstall a legacy application that was originally, manually installed.  the application is called meeting maker and it's an executable. i have found a switch that works manually, however, if the switch is applied to Landesk, it does not work. 

      manually: if i get on a machine that has the application on it, i enter the command (under run) "original path of the installation files" \setup.exe /uninst - this works.


      however, when i add Landesk to the mix, it does not do any upon distristribution. under distribution packages, i create an exe distribution and under Install/uninstall options i add the flag.  but when i send out the package with the uninstall flag, it never gets uninstalled.



      we are running Landesk sp2 on windows 2003 standard.


      what the hell?



      please help????

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