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    Assignment Optional Action LDSD 74


      In LANDesk Service Desk there is Assignment Optional Action Comes on the status "Open" or any Status on Rich Incident Survey Process.


      When Analyst CLick upon the Optional Action Of Assignement to give Assignemnt to another B User.


      When B User Open the Assignment Assigned to him from the Analyst Dashboard then NO Action Appears .


      Do let me know what Optional Assignment means and how Service Desk Knows that Analyst Completed the Assignment.?????


      What Optional Assigment representing in the Process if it has no action to do.


      I am asking the outbox of solution no design Modification in that one.



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          the optional action simply means an action that do not change the status of the ticket . When you add assignment from optional action it will assign the workload to whoever the analyst you meant to.This B user you are talking about does it have the same privileges as A. The servicedesk will know if one complete an assignment based on the status of the ticket (if you define it, so you can monitor it).

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            Thanks for the prompt reply. I need to know when Analsyt "A" gives and optional Assignment to Analyst "B" both have same priviliges. Then Analyst "B" When Open the Assignment from the Dashbaord. What Analyst "B" Should do next ??? how Analyst "B" will Close the optional Assignment which is assigned to him.



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              aparker Employee

              The assigmnet is an internal process within LDSD. As an analyst, you don't need to interact at any time with the actions shown on the left of the assignment window. The assigment will be completed when either the analyst re-assigns that process to another analyst/group, the process itself carries out a re-assignment or if the process is completed.



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                Hi Andy thanks for your response. But I am still not clear about the Optional Assignment Logic. If there is an assignment optional action on status. then that optional action if assigned to analyst or group. Then that analyst or group need to complete that assignment.


                Giving you the Scenario :


                1. Raise User logged a Call from Self Service

                2. Service Desk Recieved the call and categorized it.

                3. Service Desk put an Optional Assignment to Engineer to work upon this call

                4. When Engineer Got the Assignment in the Dashboard que the after opening that optional Assignment frm Dashboard what he do next???



                how Service Desk come to know Engineer has completed the assignment ??


                Note* I am just talking about the out of box (Rich Incident Survey Process)



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                  the enginner should choose Resolve or with customer or with 3rd party (based on the rich incident process).

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                    aparker Employee

                    Or, if needed, he does and optional assignment to another analys or group.