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    help ! LDAP Integration with webacces7.4.




      I am working on the LDAP Integration with webacces7.4. WE have OpenLDAP . We are not using CN=  we are using uid instead

      In console for the users I have  added network login to

      in the DirectoryServiceAuthenticationConfiguration file I have
      <ServerObject>LDAP://server:389/uid=users,DC=company,DC=se</ServerObject> it's not working!


      It's not working, but if I hardcode the line to  <serverobject><ServerObject>LDAP://server:389/uid=Mickey,DC=company,DC=se</ServerObject></serverObject>


      It Works!
      What should the network login look like , or is it not possible to use UID instead of CN ?


      Please can somebody help me ??


      Kind regards