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    Login Failed issue with Console


      Hi all,


      I recently configured the Console to accept IntegratedOnly login.


      After doing so, if i leave the console idle for 15+ Minutes, when i return to click on something ill get the "Login Failed" error message; forcing me to quit and reopen the console.


      In the Console config file, i setup IntegratedOnly and set the WebServiceTimeout  = -1, thinking that would prevent this.  Aside from IntegratedOnly, i tried All as well, still getting the same issue.



      Is there another config file i need to adjust? Or is there a setting within the Console to prevent this idle timeout?


      Any input would be great. Thank you.

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          John Stuart-Robson Employee



          I would check the tps.config file to see what the login policy is set there..  This is located on the web server specified in the console.exe.config.


          For example, if you take a look in your console.exe.config you will have two lines similar to this:


          <add key="TPS Host" value="http://servername/Touchpaper.Framework.Web" />
              <add key="Url" value="http://servernameTouchpaper.Framework.Web" />


          You need to check the Touchpaper Services (Touchpaper.Framework.Web) specified in the tps.config file.


          This, depending on your operating system, will be located in one or the other of these locations:


          Windows 2008 C:\Program Data\Touchpaper\Touchpaper.Framework.Web\tps.config

          Windows 2003 C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Touchpaper\Touchpaper.Framework.Web.tps.config


          One you have opened the correct tps.config, check the following line:


          If it reads:


          <add key="LogonPolicy" value="All" />


          I would recommend adjusting it to:


          <add key="LogonPolicy" value="IntegratedOnly" />


          Once saved, perform an IISReset, and the error should go away.


          I would bear in mind however, if you are using the Touchpaper.Framework.Web for Integrated login as well as Explicit(Manual) login, changing the tps.config file to IntegratedOnly may stop console working for users using explicit login. In this case, I would recommend creating a new Touchpaper.Framework.Web directory specifically for one or the other login policies.  Renaming it to for example Touchpaper.Framework.Web.Integrated.


          Hope this helps




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