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    Content Replication Fails: Lost Contact Error


      I have followed the guide for configuring content replication. I have a dedicated computer at the Core site to run as the replicator and a dedicated computer at the remote site to act as the preferred server for clients on that subnet.


      When I run Replication on the Replicator, the job runs for about 5 minutes and stops, with a failure message of "Lost Contact". Everything is reachable from all the computers involved... here are the details.


      Core: Windows Server 2008 - Contains the Share Source

      Replicator: Windows 7 - Configured as replicator

      Target: Windows 7 - Contains the proper share name, configured as preferred server


      The credential tests were all successful.


      I am stuck trying to figure out why this isn't working...


      *******updated part*******


      It may be worth noting that the remote target computer is located in our China office and the connection there is quite slow, around 1 or 2 Mbps average. Could the smb connection between the replicator and the target be timing out within the first 5 minutes of starting the job? ...or is something else taking place within the first 5 minutes of the job start?


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