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    uninstall Adobe Acrobat


      Hello, I would like to know, how to uninstall all of my software adobe acrobat domino, all of them were installed manually.


      My core is 8.8 LDMS


      Thank you for the help,


        Carlos Luis (Brazil-DF)



      "Olá, gostaria de saber, como faço para desinstalar todos os softwares adobe acrobat do meu domino, todos eles foram instalados manualmente.


      Meu core LDMS é 8.8


      Agradeço pela a ajuda,


      Carlos Luis (Brasil-DF)"

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          zman Master

          Probably the most difficult part is finding the uninstall string in the registry. I've become somewhat lazy lately and I've been using a lot of great nirsoft utilities. This one http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/myuninst.html lists all the programs installed along with the uninstall string. You can also use appdeploy.com  Keep in mind that every differnt version if a MSI will have a different PID. So I would create a query of the software you are going to uninstall and list the version along with the name. That way you can gather all the uninstall strings. Once gathered a simple script or bat file will uninstall:



          ; Something like this 
          msiexec /quiet /x {6D8D64BE-F500-55B6-705D-DFD08AFE0624} /norestart