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    local admin privileges


      I am trying to use a newly created WinPE image to image a laptop.  I can choose the image to deploy from the PXE Boot menu then I will get a warning box containing the following message - You must run this program with administrative privileges for the local machine.  After clicking OK button the image process stops.  I have used the image on another laptop model with no issues.  We are in the early stages of rolling out LANDesk OSD and are working on images for use on multiple hardware types.  I created the image based the BKM OSD paper.  Has anyone come across this message before?  I am using LDMS 8.7 SP4.  Also, is there any documentation out there about Provisioning?  Thanks

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          bnelson Employee

          Sounds like you are using OSD, is that correct? What imaging tool are you using?

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            Yes, we are just starting to use LANDesk OSD.

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              bnelson Employee

              Are you using Ghost, ImageX, ImageW ............?

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                SOrry, we are using Imagew...

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                  This error message means that the hard disk driver is not loaded into the WinPE image, and that when the imaging utility tries to access the physical disk its unable to do so.


                  To test this boot into WinPE and dont run any scripts.


                  Go to the Go button in the bottom left hand corner, and open a new console.


                  Type in "diskpart" (no quotes) and hit enter.

                  The diskpart dialoge will load.


                  Type in "list disk".


                  If the disk is being correctly loaded by the WinPE environment, then you will see an entry that says:


                  Disk 0 online


                  If you get "No fixed disks available" then you need to use the wizard from the OS Deployment toolbar (its the button that has a wrench) and add the driver.


                  Remember to redeploy the PXE Rep after you add the driver.


                  Good luck!

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                    That is definitely on the right track.  Thanks for the info.  However, after adding the drivers (for SATA HDD) and redeploying the PXE Rep, I am still getting the same error.  I have an XP SP2 install cd that we slipstreamed the drivers into and that allows me to manually build the pc.  So I know that the drivers work...  Has anyone else had problems getting SATA equiped pc's to image?

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                      bnelson Employee

                      Is it an ICH9r controller?

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                        In the txtsetup.oem, under the scsi section (should be the 2nd section in the .oem file) it lists the default.  This is what windows thinks you have installed on your machine.  Most of the time its a different hardware model.


                        The next section lists the types of supported hardware the driver will support.  Its usually a list of different models.  You have to find which model you have, and make sure that the default section above that is pointing to the right hardware.


                        Let me know if this doesnt work, or if you have a question.  If you can post the txtsetup.oem file I can take a look.

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                          Intel 82801G (ICH7 Family)

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                            Here is the txtsetup.oem file I am using.  It does list the hardware I am using....

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                              OK, I think I see the issue.


                              In the txtsetup.oem the following section shows that we are installing the driver for this type of controller:


                              scsi = iaStor_ICH8M


                              If you boot the machine into windows and go into the device manager, it should say what controller the machine has (ie, Intel 82801GBM or whatever it is).


                              Based on that info, you need to change the section with the model you have.


                              If it was the Intel 82801GBM you would edit the section to:


                              scsi = iaAHCI_ICH7M


                              I put the list below, you need to find which model you have on the machine and change the section.



                              Component Section -


                              iaStor_ICH8M = "Intel(R) 82801HEM SATA RAID Controller (Mobile ICH8M-E)"

                              iaAHCI_ICH8M = "Intel(R) 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH8M-E/M)"

                              iaStor_ICH8R = "Intel(R) 82801HR/HH/HO SATA RAID Controller (Desktop ICH8R)"

                              iaAHCI_ICH8R = "Intel(R) 82801HR/HH/HO SATA AHCI Controller (Desktop ICH8R)"

                              iaStor_ESB2 = "Intel(R) 631xESB/632xESB SATA RAID Controller (Server/Workstation ESB2)"

                              iaAHCI_ESB2 = "Intel(R) 631xESB/632xESB SATA AHCI Controller (Server/Workstation ESB2)"

                              iaStor_ICH7MDH = "Intel(R) 82801GHM SATA RAID Controller (Mobile ICH7MDH)"

                              iaStor_ICH7DH = "Intel(R) 82801GR/GH SATA RAID Controller (Desktop ICH7R/DH)"

                              iaAHCI_ICH7R = "Intel(R) 82801GR/GH SATA AHCI Controller (Desktop ICH7R/DH)"

                              iaAHCI_ICH7M = "Intel(R) 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile  ICH7M/DH)"

                              iaStor_ICH6R = "Intel(R) 82801FR SATA RAID Controller (Desktop ICH6R)"

                              iaAHCI_ICH6R = "Intel(R) 82801FR SATA AHCI Controller (Desktop ICH6R)"

                              iaAHCI_ICH6M = "Intel(R) 82801FBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile  ICH6M)"

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                                That was it exactly.  After changing the default driver and redeploying the PXE Rep, everything is working fine now.  Thanks for all the help!