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    Management of Laptops Outside Corporate Firewall


      I have about 75 users who are either entirely remote users or come and go with their laptops to and form the corporate office.  Currently we are using LANDesk to patch these machines.   I would like to be able to have a server in our DMZ that manages the mobile laptop users.  It would be nice if could see them all from the same console, but if I have to deploy a seperate core for these guys that would be ok.


      I have done some poking around and it seems like I am suppose to have a Management Gateway Appliance to do this, or the Cloud Services Appliance.  Purchasing an appliance to handle this many users does not seem feasable.


      Is there a way that I can manage these users without buying an appliance?  If there are any guides that outline an existing solution, please send them my way.