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    Creating a Service Request from an Incident


      Hi everyone - I am having several issues when an Incident is open and from within that incident you either try to attach an already created service request, or if you try to create a service request from the incident itself.  I have attached the screenshot error messages that appear.  The main issue is that as users send emails they automatically create incidents, which is great, however when you view the incident you see the user may have requested something that should be a service request (or as you are working to resolve their issue you find that a service request needs to be generated).  Not sure what I'm doing wrong but any assistance would be appreciated.  I also wanted them set to copy from the incident the RaiseUser details, and once the service request is closed it would automatically close the incident as well.  Thanks! 



      First image depicts the error when trying to 'create' a request from within the incident:

      create request error.JPG


      The second image depicts the error when trying to 'attach' a request to the incident:

      attach request error.JPG


      And the final image occurs after you hit OK on either of the previous error messages:

      request error 3.JPG

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          The fairly easy bit is that at each status in the incident process where you want to add a request, there needs to be a corresponding Add Incident action in the request process for every status where you want to be able to do this.  Similarly in the request process for every status where you want to use Add/Create Incident you need a corresponding Add Request action at every status in the Incident process.  It would be nice if the OOTB database had this. [hint!]


          In your example the last message is because too many previous issues have occured, so iron those out first and she'll be right.


          Your copy raise user to request will need a change to the process.  Instead of directly creating a request in the incident you create an 'wrapper' action that someone will use in future that collects the same data (maybe no data) and this action then does the create request as an automatic action within the process, but uses the value type feature to copy the field(s) that you want.  This automatic action will do the same as the manual one but with data prefilled.


          Closing the incident when the service request is completed is more complex.  Some people just close the incident as part of the process once the SR has been created above and just manage the SR.  That's fairly easy to do, but might not be what you want.  You would think that at the point of closing the request you could do a magic something in the request process which closed the linked incidents ...... that bit isn't quite there in the product. (IMHO!)  Instead what you have to do is put a pre-condition on the incident process which looks at all the status of linked requests and is true when they are all closed (status isend = true).  You then have an automatic action linked to the pre-condition in the incident that fires off when the pre-condition is met which closes the incident, sends emails etc.


          This needs a fair amount of process design experience to achieve and from memory you are only allowed one of these magic 'pre-conditions followed by automatic action' type sequences, but I might be wrong there as it's been a while since I needed to do this.  Someone from LANDesk will no doubt put me right in a good way there :-)

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            KaiEilert Apprentice

            Dave explained it pretty good there

            And yes. As far as I am aware only one pre-condition is allowed on a Status. At least in Version 7.4



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              Thank you!  This is most helpful!  I was able to finally successfully create a request from my Incident Process - yay!  The process design changes etc for the copying of user data over is something I will look into later on, but at least its functional now