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    Network not connecting properly in gateway appliance


      I need a little bit of help in configuring our gateway appliance. (It's really my own fault for not testing it better when our consultant was here.) We've got our gateway setup with one nic facing the outside and one nic facing the inside as presrcibed. Our inside network works fine, but you can only connect to it from the outside when you're on the same external subnet, but not any other public internet. The DNS record is setup properly, but when I ping it from my house it times out. When I ping it from the outside but within our public block it works. This made me think that it was an issue with out network setup, however when I assign a laptop that same public ip address as the appliance, I can connect to it from any internet connection. That made me think that it was the firewall, so I tried turning it off and connecting again, but the result was still the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.