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    Creating Articles from Documents

    PhilFrosty Apprentice



      I'm hoping someone can shed some light on what I'm missing regarding the "Create Article" action in the knowledge search results.

      The documentation says this allows you to add Keywords and such by attaching the Document to an Article.

      I've tried it out and it creates an article as expected and adds something to the Objects collection with the title of my Document. How do I access the Document from here?


      My hope is that the contents of my Documents remain searchable but is simply accessed from an Article window allowing Effectiveness scores and comments to be added.



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          Hi Phil


          I thought I would put our dicussion we had regarding this issue on here as well, so its available for others to see.


          Effectiveness ratings are not possible on documents, one thing you can do is attach the document to an article then it will be searchable.


          This is documented on page 26 of the knowledge management guide which can be found here http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-22085


          As mentioned, on page 36 this describes how to create articles from documents directly, from here the article will have effectivness, the article can then have keywrods added to it for searching purposes so that the attached document can be found.