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    Confused by sysprep!




           After donkeys years of using OSD, I'm finally trying to move to provisioning. I thought I'd start with simple (!) deployment of XP 32 bit to a bare metal device, and I have made some good progress, but...


           I have tried to use my OSD XP image as the base for my provisioning, but now I believe I have to add in the sysprep.inf to make it an unattended install. So I created a suitable file and setup an injection action, but I think I might be getting myself into a mess here as 1) there already is a sysprep in the image and 2) I *THINK* the inject drivers action *MIGHT* also amend this file.


           Should I go back to my base image and create the unattend sections in the sysprep file there rather than try to inject one during build, or am I totally confused and missing a better option?





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          I don't know how other are doing their windows xp image capture, but with us we just run sysprep without pointing to any sysprep.inf, then capture it with LANDesk.  Then during provisioning we would inject the sysprep.inf file

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            For our compagny, we decided to do the following :


            NB using a Windows XP clone without any software, without any administrative password.


            On OS installation


            -1 Clone the Computer


            -2 Copy the sysprep folder on the C drive


            -3 Insert the needed sysprep.inf  for the selected computer. It will change the administrative password.


            -4 Copy all the configurations files we need. We copy a batch file in startup folder to launch the sysprep at the Next reboot.


            -5 Insert in the sysprep.inf the old computer name. (if it is a reprovisioning Task)


            -6 reboot.


            The sysprep is launched by a batch file in the startup folder.


            Then the computer starts again.


            Post-OS Installation


            Configure OS


            System configuration:


            -1 Install the Agent


            -2 Join the  Domain


            -3 reboot


            -4 to -24 Install and configure (injecting registry key) all the sofwares we needs


            At the end the computer is powered off.


            We choose this solution because, on about 350 computers, we have a Windows XP pro Oem Licenses. And we needs to manually write the oem licence number after the sysprep reboot. I had worked on a script which capture the old OEM serial Number and try to inject in the sysprep.inf file, but it hadn't work as i expected.

            Most of ours configuration files are batch, and inf, files. Note that as the provisioning is 2 hours long, then we inject a special default wallpaper alerting that the computer is running a provisoning. The original wallpaper is restored just before powering off the computer at the end of the provisioning.


            This provisioning works for all our computers : lenovo laptop, Nec, Fujitsu... The only laptop that cannot work is Sony vaio because we had no bios update and they can not connect to the PXE server.