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    Preferred Server credentials failing using domain account. "Authentication Failed"



      Hey everyone,



      We currently have a problem with a Preferred Server. A domain account is user for authentication but when selecting the "Test Credentials" button, we receive a "Authentication Failed" dialogue box. We are however entering the correct password.



      We have ~65 Preferred Servers configured with various subnets but all of them authenticate using this service account. If we supply the password to the other Preferred Servers, authentication is fine. But, if we try to delete/recreated the problematic Preferred Server using the correct credentials, we still receive the error dialogue box. It seems as if it still retains the old info even though we have deleted/recreated the PS (preferred server).



      This is now affecting new machines that did not have the registry key imported that pointed to the PPS but instead use the newer way (configing PPS through the console). Does anyone know of a fix for this or if there are some log files that I can look in for guidance?



      Any help is appreciated. I left a message with Support and hope to get a call back soon.  ?:|






      LD 8.7 SP4, single core, 4000 clients