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    Merging two seperate Core Servers into one.  Can it be done?


      My company has several business units that currently run LANDesk from different, totally seperate Core Servers.


      We are in the process of consolidating the teams that support each business unit and were wondering if there is an automated method for us to merge our individual Core Servers into a single Core?


      Ultimately, we want one Core Server containing all of the Packages and Tasks that are currently split between serveral different Core's.


      Has anyone else had this need and if so what was your solution?



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          ahe Expert

          As I know there exist no tool for it...


          Which LD version you use?


          We consolidate our cores in this way:

          • for packages we create a common directory structure and replicate it to all sites
          • a common DNS alias on all sites was set, so the clients can find the package in the same location on every site
          • on master core (or master repository) we've the same directory structure and the same DNS alias to this structure

          Migration of clients:

          With Scheduled Tasks on the old cores we install the agent of the master core to the clients

          - create a distribution package on every old core which contain the new master agent

          - create a Scheduled Task and use a push method

          - delete the migrated clients from old cores

          - ...

          - do this site by site


          After a first push, you could create a GPO (if you've AD) to deploy the new agent from your packages folders...


          With LD9 it is possible to sync a lot of things from one core to other cores. For example create all distribution packages on one core and sync them to the other ones with AutoSync...