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    Failing Patches


      We are having an issue with failing patches. There are two patches in paticular that do not seem to be working on anyone's PC. They would be iTunes 10.4.1 and the FlashPlayerPluginv10.3.183.10. There is also at least one machine that is not able to complete most of the updates. He has many failures every day. I just noticed that on his machine it is trying to to run a the patch for FlashPlayer Pluginv10.3.183.5 which I have taken out of the scan folder since there is a newer version.


      All of these patches say Install failed while running commands. Is there a way to track down what is causing all of the failures? Thanks.

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          ahe Expert



          I've the same problem with the new FlashPlayer update. The patches are downloaded, but not installed and I got the same message as you described.


          If you take a look in the vulscan.log file(s) on a client, you can find a entry like this:



          Thu, 29 Sep 2011 14:05:14 Success
          Last status: 
          Last status: Done
          Running patch install_flash_player_10_active_x_10.3.183.10.exe 
          ShouldScan install_flash_player_10_active_x_10.3.183.10.exe before repairing returned: 0
          Patch directory : 'C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache\'
          Patch name : 'install_flash_player_10_active_x_10.3.183.10.exe'
          Command Interpreter running
          FMode: 0
          Force Mode = No
          Message returned from repair script was IE was running, Please close the ie browser before installing the patch. 
          ERROR(RunVbScript) Failed to run command  - 80004005
          DownloadPatch ERROR: Failed to run commands (80004005).
          Last status: Failed
          Sending status to core 
          In SendRequest: Action = SOAPAction: "http://tempuri.org/SetPatchInstallStatus"


          I tested it again with a manual started repair task, but now I closed IE before and the installation was successful.


          In the patch definition you'll find in install_flash_player_10_active_x_10.3.183.10.exe a VB script:

          Patch Information - Patch Installation & Removal - Patch Install Commands


          In this script there is a check of a started IE, if started nothing will be done, except a log entry.


          There exist a paramter for this script to enable the automatic close of IE, but it is not activated and I've no idea how to activate it...




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            Axel, that's easy.


            Go to the Flash patch, right click properties.

            Click on Custom Variables and there you can set the value (Force Mode) to yes or no.


            But I think it's not a good Idea to close a User Browser, while someone is working with it.

            And you are right...the Patch needs a closed Browser...if the browser is started, it can't be updated.


            Best Regards


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              Thank you! I had been idly wondering about that. I knew about that flag for Java, but for some reason didn't make the connection with flash.


              Any time I'm patching, my users shouldn't be around. And they SHOULD have logged off of the computer. Ha ha.

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                ahe Expert



                Thank you for the hint, I haven't recognized this entry 'til now! But, you're right, it's not a good idea to kill the IE of a user during work (we've a lot of web based apps)...


                But how can I inform the whole users that a patch need a closing of IE? In package I can embed this functionality by my own, but in Patches?


                In the past I remember that a patch is installed after next reboot automatic... this could be a better way.


                Mmh... currently I read the description in custom variable, that the user will be prompted to close the IE... but I haven't received such a message 'til now.

                Is it possible that this functionality is not implemented to run on W7 clients?




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                  The bad is, that there are coming new functions to the product with MCP Patches

                  and nobody knows really about this thing. I never saw any description about this and

                  as I told, we never used this, because it could be dangerous to close a User Browser without asking.

                  We are simple using a Policy Repair (Required) with schedule "Devices that do not succeed".

                  So some System will fail, but will be retried until it goes to success.

                  This works on the most Systems after 2-3 days and the others we advise to close

                  their browsers between a certain time.


                  Best Regards



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                    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                    For itunes the issue is with the "Apple Application Support" msi.


                    If you have the latest QuickTime Player installed it installs a newer version of the support tool causing this one to fail.


                    If you open the rule for itunes you will see this




                    Notice LD Unzips the file and then you have numerous "execute a program" commands...


                    What we did was to clone the patch, and then removed all of the executes execpt the ones shown below...