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    Optiplex 755 NIC driver for WinPE?



      Just did an upgrade to 8.8 and have rebuilt the drivers in PE to work with most of our systems (Dell Opti GX280 up to 745).   Unfortunately, no combination of Dell or Intel drivers seems to allow PE to use the integrated Intel 82566DM-2 NIC on the 755's.  Since I haven't seen this particular post on here yet, has someone else gotten the exact combo of driver files to allow this to function?   It would certainly be a help!



      I have noticed that I didn't have to slipstream in the new storage drivers to avoid a bluescreen yet, so I have some hope in that regard...









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          These steps recently worked for the 755.



          1. Change the BIOS to enable PXE

          2. Go to DELL's site, put in the service tag and downloaded the drivers.

          3. Follow this article: "How to add drivers to the WinPE Image http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2158 to inject the drivers:

          a. Inject the Intel NIC drivers.  (I added all the drivers in the XP and win2k folder as if it were one driver.  There were three sys and inf files.  I chose one randomly but then added all the other as "additional files" to the driver.)

          b. Inject the SATA driver: Follow this article: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1157

          a. Modifiy the TXTSETUP.OEM

          b. Overwrite the TXTSETUP.OEM with WinImage as it is faster than using the add a driver wizard to delete and read the driver.

          7. It should now PXE Boot just fine and load the SATA and NIC drivers.



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            That's more or less what I've been doing, though this time I did try adding all Vista32, Vista64, WinXP32 and WinXP64 drivers.  Still nothing detected.



            What sys and inf files did you enter in those two fields exactly?  Dell is giving me an Intel driver from 11/30/2007 in file R162323.  Is that the package you have that works?



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              I added them all as if they were a single one so everything in the Driver directory WinXP_2K. In the Browse Box for the SYS I choose E1000325.sys and for the INF i choose E1000325.inf, then in the additional files I added the other sys and INF files in that directory, I.E. E1e5132.inf, and also the DIN and DLL files are added here.






              Hope that helps you...



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                pk Employee


                Just worked on an Optiplex 755 yesterday.  LDMS 8.8.  I injected the e1e5132.sys and related .inf file from R162323 as this is what I saw in an already deployed XP-based 755.  As Rick noted, I also added the SATA drivers and manually modified the TXTSETUP.OEM file per end of this document:






                Worked like a champ after that.



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                  The 8.8 WinPE image appears to already have the ICH9 support built in, so no need for the SATA drivers.



                  I actually just got off the phone with support a little before your post and that e1e5132 set of files (plus every other file in the driver's WinXP folder) was indeed the solution.  Must have tried every combination BUT that one before posting this :).  So, for those with future problems with Optiplex 755 systems, do this using files from the Dell driver:



                  INF File:  e1e5132.inf

                  SYS File:  e1e5132.sys

                  Then add EVERY other file from the driver's WinXP folder.