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    Discussion - New Advanced Format (4k) drives

    EMiranda Expert

      Has anyone yet experienced imaging on the new 4k drives aka 512e.


      For those who are not aware, new drives coming out will now have 4096 byte sectors apposed to the 512 byte sectors in current HD.


      We received emails from our vendor that starting in 2012 hardware will start coming with 4k drives.  I'm curious if anyone has had experience with these drives using Sector based imaging tools like ImageW.


      I wonder if having images on 512k sectors will mess up the imaging process using ImageW.


      From information that I have read up on I heard the following:


      One of the requirements will be WinPE 3.0 or higher, 3.1 is recommended.

      Microsoft stated that 512e drives are Not support by WinXP due to the XP formating and begging the partition right after the boot area, at sector 63 (512 bytes)


      Our Vendor is going to send me a demo of the 4k drive units so I will be heavy in testing and will provide feedback here, but I was wondering if anyone out there has already ventured into this?