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    Cannot execute Scanstate.exe using VBScript with USMT!





             After a failed attempt with UMA, we moved on to using USMT with Landesk, but the problem here is that it fails to capture all the profiles in ALL Users and limits itself to the current user profile; whereas when we execute "scanscate.exe /i:MigUser.xml /i:MigApp.xml /i:MigDocs.xml C:\Details /o /c /nocompress /HardLink"  manually in the command prompt, it is able to capture all the details and all the user profiles. So, with this failed attempt, we went ahead with VB script also, but no success there either. It just captures only the local profile(the one wfrom which the script was executed). When I refer to scanstate.log, it says " cannot access security information (SACL) for directory \\---\C1\".  Any idea how to resolve this? To capture all the profile-user data with regular user account?


      Thanks in advance!