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    Performance issues on Console.




      Our Console Performance is slowly been getting worse. Our setup is a little unique, in that we RDP to the application server and run multiple instances of the console. It has been working fine, but over time it is now become to be quite slow.


      Sometimes clicking on an Incident it will hang for a minute or so and then carry on, the rest of the PC works ok, so you can see outlook or navigate through explorer its just the console that is locked.


      Does anyone have any tuning tips that we can run? I'm not sure anything has been done to it, and we are now on Incident number 94000.


      Thanks in advance.



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          The performance.pdf in the documentation makes excellent bed time reading and recommends the things you should do.  Once those have all been done you can then go back to support as ask for specific advice if it still isn't up to what you want.

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            The post is quite old now but i'll add my thoughts :
            * You mention that you RDP to an application server. Make sure that you have sufficient RAM and are not just relying on an increasing pagefile.

            * Hosting the Landesk database on the same database as the console would remove the network as being a potential bottleneck. Otherwise ensure that you have gigabit ethernet between server and the console.
            * Check CPU usage, Landesk tends to do a lot of processing when opened, if you are using virtualisation ensure you have sufficient resources assigned.

            * Where is Landesk caching files? Check performance.pdf. I think  it is a good idea to cache the Landesk files locally where possible, however you would be best to exclude that folder from roaming profiles... otherwise you this may slow down logon/logoff.