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    Create an Advertisement that doesn't expire


      I would like to create a scheduled task that won't expire and advertise it against a query.  This is something I want to run on a certain subset of clients and I don't want to come back and have to rerun the Scheduled Task.  As clients join the domain and fit into the query I want the computer run the scheduled batch file.  I haven't found a way to create a scheduled task that doesn't expire.  I am looking under Policy Supported Push but these seem to expire..  Is there another delivery method I can use that will run automatically?



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          You can either use a Policy Supported Push or Required Policy - Required Once. Say the query states show me all machines without Adobe X, Scheduled task would install Adobe X. The required policy would install Adobe X and eventually be removed from the query. If you want to continually run a scheduled task you can use a required periodic.  If that is not enough you can create a locally scheduled task and have the machines run the policy based on the criteria specified (every logon, every day, every x hours, etc..) In 9.0 you can also specify on the scheduled task | Schedule Task |  Deploy even if previously deployed....