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    Policy Supported Push Timing


      In a LANDesk 8.8 sp4 environment, how long does LANDesk wait to push a task to a machine which has been off?


      As an example:


      I am trying to install "MyApplication" and "SomePC" is off at the time the task runs.  When "SomePC" is turned on again at what point does LANDesk initate the push?  Is it when th epolicy invoker service starts?  At user logon?  A specific time after the service starts, if so what is that time?  Is it a random time after the service starts?  Is it something entirely different, if so what?


      Thank you in advance for your assitance!



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          zman Master

          This all depends on how your client is configured to run policies - Agent Configuration | Software Distribution | Policy Options.

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            It is my understanding that if a machine is off during the time the scheduled task is executed, then it will never get the policy.  You'll notice that the machine has dropped into the failed area because it was off instead of Pending.  Unless the task is scheduled to occur again, that policy will never be made available to that machine.


            If you deploy a Policy (not Policy Supported Push) to a machine that is on, you will see the status says that the policy has been made available to that machine.  From there, it is up to how the Agent is configured as to when it checks in to pull that Policy (or the package in this case).


            A Policy Supported Push will essentially deploy the package first via the "Push" and then fall-back to making it available as a Policy.  However, like I mentioned, if it is off the Policy won't be made available.


            That is my understanding of it, feel free to correct if I'm wrong

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              zman Master

              PSP and Required policies issued to machines that are off/could not connect will check for new policies when they are turned back on - depending on the agent config. Say I have the agent configured  to check at login, ip change and every 8 hrs. If the machine was off as soon as it comes back on it will check with the core to see if it has any outstanding policies, if yes and required it will deploy.

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                I had originally hoped that was the case, but in my testing, it didn't work that way for me.  If the machine was off, it seemed to never get the Policy applied to it after it came online.


                I'll try it again and leave it for a longer period of time and report back.  I hope this is the case because it would make policy distributions a lot more useful.

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                  zman Master

                  It works. What version of LANDesk and how are your agents configured for Software Distribution. Also if the package has been distributed once already, it will not deploy again for a required policy (however, see note above about 9.0).

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                    You're right, it does work.  I believe I had a bad Agent installation on the machines I was testing it out on.  Does in fact work if the machines are Off.  Good news!



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                      zman Master

                      Cool just mark this as complete.

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                        Thank you all for your assistance!