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    Incident Window not showing in webdesk

    neil_p1000 Apprentice

      Hi all


      Bit of a bizarre one here.


      We are running 7.4 Service Desk on our DEV system and for some reason all of a sudden the Incident window does not show in webdesk.


      All we get is all of the actions and History tabs but the actual Incident does not appear. Just seemed to happen over night. I have checked everyhting in the console and all seems fine  Web Incident window is published and default , also  no changes have been made to the windows so a bit confused.


      Any ideas/suggestions?

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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          A possible theory on this one.  If you look at the window in window manager does it still show as being available in Web Access?  If so, could you try opening the window in window manager, moving something slightly, then saving the window again?


          The reason being I have seen something that sounds similar before.  What I think happened was that I was saving a window when I got a SQL timeout.  The window was fine when I went back into it in console / window manager but the Web Access window had been partially removed.  I think when saving a window in window manager one of the first things it does is delete the Web Access window so it can recreate it but if something interrupts it before it creates it again you are left with a blank window for Web Access.  It thinks a window is there (or else it would try to build you one automatically) but there is nothing on it.


          Let me know if this does the trick.  We did raise a problem for this for Development as we felt that it should cope better / roll back in this instance so we might ask you to raise a support case that we can link to this.


          Best wishes