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    Is there any way of checking if files on a server are different than those on a client , and copying them?


      One of the applications my customer uses , has a requirement that certain key configuration files held on the end-point are kept up to date.


      Before the application is launched, the versions of these configuration files need to be compared against a list held on a network location.


      If the files held on the network location are different, then any updated files need to be copied to the local client.


      Once the file versions held on the client match those on the network location , the application launches.


      The issue I have got is that if I create a simple software deployment policy to copy these files as a 'one-off' after a successful file copy , LANDesk will not attempt to re-check the files as we have already had a successful deployment / file copy.


      Pre-LDMS 9 I would have created an ESWD package to run something like 'robocopy' to check the files with the APM Policy Cache Registry key to show 'Failed' status , which would force the repeated running of robocopy.


      After LDMS 9 , the registry keys can't be used , which is where I am a little bit stuck , and could do with some help. Their current Toolset does this type of thing straight out of the box , but they are looking to move to LDMS 9 instead of their current toolset.


      This type of constantly checking files , and continually running certain scripts is heavily used by my customer, so if anyone has got any ideas of the best way of doing this I'd appreciate it.