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    "BIOS ROM Version" query... How to compare to latest Revs?




      I love that I can query the current BIOS revision of our enterprise. When dealing with a small group of machines, it's easy to compare which ones need the latest BIOS version on a 1:1 manual process. But now I'd like to compare that data across the enterprise with what the latest revisions are from the various popular vendors (Dell, HP, IBM, etc..). I'm no stranger to Excel and the awesome power of VLOOKUP scripts when pulling data from multiple spreadsheets. So if I could just get the latest BIOS revs from those venders I could easily see the BIOS revisions we're at, and compare the revisions we need to update to. Ideas on how to get the latest BIOS info from vendors?

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          I think it all depends on you vendor(s). Many Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc... may have tools to help you. My personal opinion is that I don't do BIOS upgrades unless I'm having a issue.  HP with SSM and Winflash have made BIOS somewhat more reliable however there is always the chance of bricking a system. I know Managed Planet has DTS that automagically pulls down a lot warranty information from all the vendors. Maybe contact them to see if it will do BIOS revs, etc...

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            Thank you for your point of view and for the most part we agree on remotely and centrally updating BIOS revisions. However, whatever I don't know about my enterprise, I can't do anything about, but may have to be accountable for. I much prefer to be proactive than reactive. I could perhaps use this data and compare it to the amount of trouble tickets issued per host. While desktop support will continue to repeatidly repair a system or system type, it would be valuable to know if that system has a common thread.


            I'll check out the resources you suggest and will report back any progress.