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    Automated Form Solution


      Hi all,


      I wonder if you can help me with a problem that we require a solution for. I will provide a brief outline of the situation below.


      Currently we are working on a paper based system whereby engineers will fill out a form when they install a new pc to identify the device that was replaced, owner, sign off etc etc, which is then entered into LANDesk Service Desk using the expanded CI forms which I have created. To which end the budget administrator will also add the financial details of that CI to the window.


      Does anyone know of any off the shelf mobile solutions which can be used to do this electronically on site? Or at the very least a method which is compatible with Service Desk.


      I know the easy answer is to present the forms to the engineer using webdesk on a mobile solution, but this does not capture a customer signature, which is what we are after.


      I am aware that in order to capture a digital signature, it would most likely require it to be in a document or image which is imported into service desk using the attachment field type.


      Looking forward to seeing how anyone else gets around this one, or if there are any solutions out there which could fill this gap in our automation.





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          aparker Employee

          Hi Terry,


          I guess the main question that I have before offering a solution is whether the only way is a digital signature or if we can explore the use of email or some other step that could only be done by the customer which is audited?



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            Well the main reason for digital signature is that we are having real problems holding our engineering team accountable for various things and we are trying to tighten the reigns so that there is little room for *fraud*


            The only problem I have personally is that our customers can rarely be trusted to complete required elements, because the information is business critical to us for reporting I want to reduce the parties involved so the room for error or *not bothering* is minimal. As the driver for the customer to send us the signature or information is minimal, as they have already recieved the goods so to speak


            So what we want to try and look at is a mobile device solution, where the information is captured there and then on the spot in front of the customer and then either sent in to us or docked back at the office for upload.


            I hope that makes sense Andy and thank you for your prompt response!

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              aparker Employee

              Thanks for that. I'll put some ideas togther for you which are totally Service Desk based as a start. Hopefully some of the other guys out there will have ideas as well.



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                Seriously very much appreciated Andy, looking forward to your response!

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                  jasoncadman Expert

                  Hi Andy


                  Did you put anything together for signature capture as we're looking at a similar issue here. After you talking about connecting to device features like GPS and image capture there may be a way around soon!?