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    Unable to Update WINPE.BMP




      I've created a fully automated Windows 7 installation/process and it's working a treat.  One problem, I can't update the background image when restoring Windows 7 to a PC.  This is the stage i am trying to change the image for:




      If I use the buttons within LANDesk v9 ("Change the Wallpaper of the WinPE image") it increase my boot.wim from 125MB to 3.7GB - for some reason it is adding my image.wim to the boot.wim.  But I've worked around that.....


      I have changed the WINPE.BMP in the Boot.wim in the Vboot folder.  I've also tried changing the WINPE.BMP in the Bootmedia.wim in the VBoot folder too....So, I really don't know where this image is coming from.


      I'm now too far foward to address the button issue in LANDesk v9 I have, so really need to change this manually using DISM.


      HELP - does anyone know how to change this?


      Many thanks in advance.