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    Landesk System Shutdown is freelancing




      I've got an issue where one of the landesk components is shutting down some of my organization's computers and I am having trouble idenifying the cause.


      I believe our problem is related to an older post that I found here:





      I've attached a screen shot which shows the last few seconds of what I am told is an 8-second countdown.  I don't know where this 8 seconds comes from nor do I know for sure where the shutdown request comes from.  I'm told that it is persistant such that it will eventually win out if the user isn't continuously monitoring the computer.



      I did a check on two of the computers that I know experience this problem and I turned up several entries for a SHUTDOWN task which is listed in the "scheduled tasks and policies" as a SCHEDULED TASK with a status of DELAYED.


      I've checked what I believe to be this very task and I can see very clearly that there are ZERO clients in the task; a policy sync on the clients doesn't seem to remove the entry either.  I've looked in ALL TASKS for additional copies of this task but found none.  There isn't any way for me to see the TASK ID # when I'm looking at the SCHEDULED TASKS and POLICIES so I have no way to verify which task is assigned to these machines.


      I would guess that this task is causing the issue but I can't see any evidence that either of my affected machines are part of that task.


      any thoughts on this?

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          zman Master

          What version of LANDesk on core/clients. There was an issue where a scheduled task would process even if deleted/canceled. http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-8607

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            That is an old patch...wondering if it would have been addressed in any of the service packs or MCPs?


            We have LDMS 9.0 SP 2 + some MCPs...clients report


            I'll likely give this a shot if I can get my folks off the core for a bit.




            We are seeing that many of our clients show through SCHEDULED TASKS & POLICIES that they are supposed to or have participated in scheduled tasks to which they should not be assigned.  I think our problem goes beyond the scope of the article you mentioned.


            For example, yesterday I unboxed a brand new machine and plugged it into the network and provisioned it.  Checking the list of scheduled tasks for it I can see maybe 250+ or so tasks.  I'm not that good, in 36 hours I've only actually run maybe 4 tasks against it, yet there are other tasks in the list.  Its quite ridiculous in fact because some of the tasks are for deploying PXE reps to it...I know I've never done that.


            I've added a snapshot of the the partial list; the scroll bar on the right doesn't move up very quickly because there are many many tasks listed...too many for a new machine.

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              LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

              Just curious but what are you using to target machines for these tasks? Are you using LDAP queries, LD group, LD queries? If this is the case then it might explain why all those tasks show up for a new machine if it falls within any of those queries/groups.

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                cplatero SupportEmployee

                There is a known issue with the MCP SWD 428 patch where all public tasks are shown in "Scheduled Tasks and Policies".  The devices aren't actually targetted to the task (that's the good news), but it will be hard to track down which tasks are targetting the system.  You can open a case and request MCP 519 CCP and that will fix the Scheduled Tasks and Policies display.


                In regards to your shutdown issue, you can check the following client logs:

                ..\LANDesk\shared files\sevicehost.log.  Look for Poweroff.exe or a task that runs around the time of the shutdown.

                ..\LANDesk\ldclient\localsch.log Look for any task that runs around the time you see the shutdown.

                ..\LANDesk\ldclient\data\sdclient_task*.log look for any tasks that are running at that time.

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                  it seems that this patch helped to resolve the problem. Before the patch all of my clients were showing scheduled tasks/policies for things which were never assigned to them.  After the patch the list is just what has actually been assigned to them.  I believe the problem is gone.