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    Queries for Adobe products in LDM8.8


      Morning helpful souls,


      I've managed to get a number of queries setup to show me who has various adobe products installed.


      What I'm having trouble with is distinguishing between Adobe Web Premium and Photoshop.

      That is the former are getting included in the latter so it's padding my numbers for licenses.


      Has anyone got any good queries for adobe products?

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          Unfortunately doing suites and non-suites is a messy proposition.  Managed Planet has created a feature in Data Translation Services to do this exact issue.  When trying to figure out licensing based on EULAs it is very messy.  For example, if you have Photoshop CS4, it's license could be covered by about 20 other suites and products and versions.  Depending on how you installed it, you may get the suites and photoshop both showing up.