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    Entering template 'owner' into device registry.




      I am currently working on provisioning within an environment and have recieved a request to enable some sort of audit trail which details which users have built devices. My understanding is that when a user enters their domain credentials during the provisioning process (see image) LANDesk creates a clone of that template and it appears under that users 'My Templates' section in LANDesk. If I then viewed that templates history under that accounts 'My Templates' it would display that account name as the owner.


      What would be the best way of retrieving that account name and stamping it into the registry? Has anyone done this before?


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          Intending to revisit this at some point in the near future. Has anyone found a way to retrieve the name of the task owner?


          In my initial post I referred to it as the template owner but I don't believe this is entirely correct. I'm looking for the username credentials of the task owner.


          I have attached a screenshot showing the provisioning history of a device. It's the value of 'Owner' that I'm hoping to access.


          Thanks in advance.