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    Knowledge Database search displaying the wrong details

    Stephen_Justice Rookie



      I'm having problems with the display results of a Knowledge database search.


      When you run a search, either through a full search window or as part of a tab in an incident, it is displaying search results using the 'Article Keyword' business object rather then the 'Article' business object.


      This means that all items listed in the knowledge management search only display their keywords and nothing to do with the article itself.


      Knowledge Management Search fault.bmp


      Could someone please tell me how to change what business object is used when you run a Knowledge Management Search?



      Stephen Justice

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          I recommend reading over this doc - http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-22085


          You need to make sure that you have all the atributes on your business object(s) set correctly. In knowledge Configuration you can easily configure the fields that you see by clicking on each attribute and choosing Add to Search Layout in the availabl actions list.




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            Stephen_Justice Rookie

            Hi Chris,


            I have went through that article and set up what attributes to display, but the only time it makes a difference is when I make changes in the Article Keyword business object.


            My picture above shows the two attributes I have put in the Search Layout from the Article Keyword business object. If I enable Is Natural Language for the article attribute then I just get 8 results for the same two documents as it displays a different result for each keyword the documents have.


            If I remove the all attributes from the Article Keyword business object from the Search Layout then I get the following error: Business Object: Knowledge.ArticleKeyword: No search result layout configured for this business object.


            This happens even though I have 4 items added to the search layout from the Article business object and have set Is Natural Language on them.




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              karenpeacock SupportEmployee

              Hi Stephen


              Am I right in saying that what you want is for the article details to show when you search on a keyword?  If so, then you can either store some of the article details on the article keyword object or you could instead have a string field on the article itself called "keywords".  You could type any keywords into this and then index it. 


              Another option which I'm not sure is useful to you or not, is to add a hyperlink on the article keyword back to the article itself.  This wouldn't show the article in the search results but would allow users to easily drill back into the article. 


              Best wishes