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    Service Catalogue Item Order

    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

      I'm fearing the answer is no here given the results are based effectively knowledge searches but here goes!

      Is there any way to in Service Catalogue to change the order of the items returned.   The order at the moment when you get the the first 50 of ALL records when the SC opens (top of tree) seems completely random.  It's not even the order they were entered into the CMDB or last updated?

      Why does it not at least sort in alphabetic order or title field or something!

      If the only way you can find what you want is by searching or navigating the tree,  then there seems little point of showing any items at all in the right hand panel at all on startup as generally it'll just be item "noise" rather than something you'd actually want to pick.  So a performance hit in loading which probably doesn't add much benefit.