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    New database, adding I P and C after the reference number


      Hi all,


      Once I have completed the development work on our current Service Desk 7.4 system, which will give our organisation the functions they need for the time being.


      I will be beginning work on a brand new Service Desk 7.4 database, which is required because when I inherited the current database from the last person to look after it, I found it an almost un-workable tangle of tables and relationships which are prohibiting me taking the Service Desk further....


      I want to get this right on the money from the start and one of the things that has been bugging me is how to get I P or C to display as a prefix before the reference number?


      I have looked at a number of articles, but they appear to deal with existing entries. I do remember being shown a quick fire way to do this on the business objects during my Service Desk Bootcamp, but would you know I cannot remember how to this for the life of me.


      Any ideas?


      Many thanks in anticipation!