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    Email Alerts in LDSM 8.8



      Does anyone have email alerts working in Server Manager 8.8, specifically with an Exchange server?  I am trying to troubleshoot whether I have an issue with plain text authentication or if the sendemail program is just not working.  It was logging authentication errors but no logs nothing except



      2008-03-19 19:11:21(6084-4460) sendemail.exe:sendemail started



      Any insights appreciated.







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          I have tested this and have it working using the EVENTCREATE command line to add test events to windows event logs. Remember that there are two different alert triggers, one for Windows OS event logs, and one for text file event logs. For testing specify a short interval (I use 30 seconds and test in a non production VM Ware environment). These monitoring alerts only seem to work with server manager agents, they are supposed to work with a system manager agent, and will not work with a desktop manager agent. But work they do...

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            We are currently working the same issue with LD support.



            88 only accepts PLAIN auth and we are currently using NTLM, GSSAPI and Login. I'm hoping for a fix here pretty soon, so I feel your pain. Alerts workied great in 8.7 though.



            I'll post if we get a resolution.



            Good luck,






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              My understanding from Support is that Plain Text is all that is currently supported.

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                Correct, and we are not using that type of auth at the moment which is the root of our problem with not getting email alerts. Keeping my fingers crossed though for a different solution.

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                  Rick is correct, The only authentication type supported by sendemail is PLAIN though we do it over TLS.  A user can easily verify the types of

                  authentication supported using "telnet 25".  Then enter the command "ehlo domain.com".  The 250-AUTH line will report the supported authentication

                  types.     (Use command "quit" to exit the session).

                  If that line does not show PLAIN as one of the supported auth mechanisms then sendmail in 8.8 will not succeed. Another thing to note: the from address needs to be a valid address scheme and in the case of many mail servers it must be a recognized address or the message will not be passed.

                  If these conditions are met then your email alert actions will succeed.


                  Bill to respond to your note that you hope it is fixed soon. While many of us would like the functionality added for other auth types, it is not a defect but is instead an enhancement request.




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                    Sorry Brandon, I wasn't implying it was a defect in LD, I was implying to 'fix' our situation not the software. Red-tape seems to be the biggest deterrent to a sloution on our side, not the LD developers. 






                    And, without completely understanding the underlying technology/reasoning behind the change in auth types for LD 88, it's harder for me to give a detailed reason to our brass as to why we need to change something on our side that worked well prior to the upgrade.









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                      http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2687  This is brand new today and looks like an excellent resource for Alerting.