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    Patching LANDesk 9.0 with SP2


      I am currently running  LANDesk Management Suite 9.0.  I was looking to patch LANDesk with SP2.


      If I patch my server with SP2 do I need to reinstall all the PCs with the new client?  Or is there also just a patch for the clients side?





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          egarlepp Employee

          The existing clients can stay on the existing version that they are on.  There is not a rush to upgrade them after the core server is upgraded.  In terms of the way to upgrade them, in the patch manager there will be a SP2 patch that you can push out to those systems to upgrade them.  You may need to download LANDesk application patches after the upgrade to see the SP's

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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup

            I would like to clarify what Eric says about there not being a rush to update the clients....


            There is not urgent need, but in my opinion you will want to install the SP2 patch on your clients in a reasonable amount of time.


            After you install SP2 on your core you should strongly consider installing the patches listed here:


            http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-22561  on your core and then read the info at that link about how to then patch your clients.


            There are a number of issues in SP2 that these resolve.


            The nice thing is, you do not need to push out new agents, but can patch them instead.

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              klevitan Specialist

              If after applying these patches to the core, if  I then create a new agent and install it would it be fully patched or would I still need to apply the patches to the agent?



              - Kurt

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                mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                Yes, you could apply all updates to the core and then be sure to click on the "rebuild all" icon in the tool bar.  Then if you push a new agent out that should do it.


                Historically we and many other have had issues with agent re-installations, some would fail, others would appear to succeed but we would notice later on that vulscans or other actions were not working... therefor we now avoid agent re-installations when possible.


                If you decide to do this, I also suggest you give your agent name a version or date... such as "PC Agent v2" or "PC Agent 2011-10-18"

                This makes it easy to query systems to make sure they have your current agent

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                  klevitan Specialist

                  We usually use the Advance Agent deployed via AD group policy.   It seems to do a good job of uninstalling and reinstalling the agent.

                  I agree with the naming of the agents.  Very useful.


                  Thank you for your help!

                  - Kurt