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    Multiple servers in preferredserver.dat



      Hi guys,






      Is it possible to have multiple servers in the file preferredserver.dat? Because I have created multiple server entry via the console with same subnet, the result is always one server into the preferredserver.dat. I read that it could be possible with the registry but I would like to avoid this manipulation.



      I would like explain my problem why I need 2 different server. We are using 2 servers for 2 different function. One is a Linux box "Celera" CIFS that store the data. We can access this data trought Windows via UNC not problem. The problem is that you cannot access this data with HTTP, means another Windows server have  IIS connected to the data server. The result of this infra. is if I distribute a package UNC I would like to use the celera name and If I would like to distribute package with HTTP or simply use the patch manager I need to use the second server name. And of course, I have several site with the same infra. this is because I need the preferedserver solution.



      Thansk a lot for your opinion about.






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          LANDave SupportEmployee


          From what I understand PreferredSevers.dat stores 3 servers by default if it's configured.



          To configure it:



          From the 32 bit console

          1. Click Configure | Preferred server.

          2. Click Add to add a new server, or click an existing entry and click Edit.

          3. Enter the server information. If you want to use IP address ranges that you want this

          server to be available to, enter them and click Add.

          4. Click Test credentials to make sure the credentials you provided work.

          5. Click OK.


          Note: The folder structure on the Package Server should reflect the structure on that of the core server, ie if the packages on the core server can be found at \{server_name}\packages they should be able to be found at \{machine_name}\packages.






          There is no documented limit to the amount of preferred servers that can be configured on the Core Server.


          Managed devices store the preferred server list locally in the preferredserver.dat file. To create this file, a device communicates with the core server and then and makes a filtered list of preferred servers (based on IP address range limits, if any). The device then does a bandwidth check to each preferred server and saves the top three servers in the preferredserver.dat file.


          The PreferredServer.DAT file on the Agent workstation by default only handles 3 preferred servers by default.


          You can change the number of servers stored in preferredservers.dat by updating this line in the ntstacfg.in# file in the core server's ldlogon folder. Valid numbers range from 0 to 7. Once you update this file, the changes become part of new or updated agent configurations. You must redeploy your agent configuration to devices for the change to take effect. (Alternately, you can deploy a batch file package to make the reg key change and restart the LANDesk agent servers)





          ; Settings for the lddwnld/ldredirect files, the DynamicPreferredServers is the

          ; maximum number of preferred servers that will be stored. Set this to 0 to disable

          ; the dynamic preferred server functionality.

          REG51=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SOFTWARE\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\WinClient\SoftwareDistribution\DynamicPreferredServers,3, , REG_DWORD


          The preferred server settings are automatically updated on the clients every 24 hours. These settings are stored in the file :\Program Files\LANDesk\ldclient\sdmcache\preferredservers.dat


          For all version of LDMS, the package server must have the exact same share name and directory structure as the source referenced in the distribution package. This works for both UNC and URL paths.









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            Hi Dave,






            Thanks for you answer but I know what you say.



            My question is the preferredserver.dat file should normally have the 2 servers name if the device have the subnet that correspond to the preferred server define into the console? Because it's not the case.






            I have just know an idea, perhaps I need to wait 24 hours for reinitialising all peer preferredserver.dat file??



            What do you think again?









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              If you look at the local schedular tasks on a client device you should see two tasks that deal with this. One will delete the .dat file on an IP address change (since the list is possibly not valid any longer), the second will delete the file every 15 minutes (which makes it pseudo dynamic). If LDClient cant find the file, because it has been deleted, it will request a copy from the server. It wont do this until it needs to though, so if there has been no SWD activity, there may very well be no .dat file on the client. 



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                Thanks for your answer.



                I have the file preferredserver.dat on the client, whith one server name. I have deleted and create a new tasks to force generate a new one and everything works. The problem in my case is that If I force a software distribution with the source as HTTP, the preferredserver.dat will have the HTTP server name. Then if I force another packages with UNC, the preferredserver.dat have the second server name UNC. This is normal, because the process check between the both server which one have the data depending the protocol and create the preferredserver.dat.



                The problem reside if I distribute software  HTTP and then after a UNC packages, the second one will not be able to use the preferredserver.dat file because the server name is wrong.



                In the process that deleted every 15 min, works only if the server is down. This are used for a pseudo DRP. I my case this doesn't works, because both server are up, but I would like to change between servers for each packets. I have try to add both server into the preferredserver.dat manually, this doesn't work.



                I'm not sure but there I found no solution for that or I understand something wrong. I will open a ticket