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    OSD - LANDesk Agent from Preferred Server


      I searched around for this, but could not find anyone else that asked this question.


      Currently after the machine is imaged and starts the agent install starts it pulls from the core. I am wanting to know if it is possible to have it pull the agents from preferred servers instead. As this is network aware and if I image 4+ machines the install time for the agent starts to get up until the 2 hour mark for some of the machines. I am looking to try to reduce the amount of time and the impact it has on the MPLS.


      I am going to throw my 3 ideas out there on this and if anyone knows anything on any of them your help with this is really appreciated.


      1. If you select "Preferred Server download" on the "Methods and credentials" tab inside of the deploy script this will work. True or False?

      Personal Thought: I have tested this some with no results and I assume this is only talking about the image itself not the agent.






      2. By default the "WSCFG32.EXE" that points to the correct agent to run for the install also by defaults attempts to pull from a preferred server first. If this is the case what directory structure do I need to create on my preferred servers and what files other than the agents do I need to place into them?






      3. This feature is not available.

      Personal Thought: I really hope this is not the case.




      Any thoughts or comments on this are really appreciated.


      Thanks everyone,