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    Automatic Article Creation


      I have finally got the pieces to creating an automatic article from a resolution.  However, when an article is created, and I go through and verify information and layout, I submit and approve it; it does not become available for searching until knowledge is rebuilt.  If I manually create an article, I am able to search on it. 


      Does anyone have an idea why during the automatic article creation, it is not searchable until after knowledge rebuild?


      Thank you


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          Hi Brad,


          It sounds like the article is being added to the build before it is approved and a new entry is not being created until the rebuild.


          The reason it works when you create it manually is because the article is created and approved before the record is added to the build (before the service polls).


          Is it possible to log this with your support provider, the reference number for the defect is P:4459.




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            I am doing this from the console for creating the incident and then resolving with the automatic article creation.  Then going in and submitting that article and approving it.  After resolving and approving, its probably around a minute and that is what our polling is set at.  Tried adjusting and did not have any effect.


            Probably will have to contact provider.


            Thank you



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              Hi Brad,


              how did you get this automatic article creation running?


              I tried a lot but I couldn´t find a solution for that, yet.


              Maybe you have a hint for me?


              Thanks in advance.



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                This may be slightly unrelated but I found recently that if I bulk updated articles (to change the Knowledge Domain) it didn't reflect these changes until a manual rebuild, but if I manually edited the article it did a data change on the next poll of the service. It seems anything done not directly on the article record or within Knowledge Management doesn't have an effect until a full rebuild is done.




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                  OK, I got it working.


                  One call with support did it all


                  I just had to create an article collection on the incident BO and then create an action for this collection.


                  Sometimes things are so easy if you know how to do it