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    Action Names/Titles


      Hi everyone - I am just wondering if there is a way to change the names of the Actions taken w/in an incident, request, etc.  By default authorize is set to authorise (brittish english) and we would like to correct that.  Also it would be nice to change the action names in requests to match the portion of the workflow they are in - ie change IT Authorize to Purchasing Authorization, so even tho all analysts can view all tickets they can know exactly which step its at by the action awaiting to be taken - thanks!

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          John Stuart-Robson Employee



          This is possible, and depending on the type of action being taken, and the version you are on it can be quite simple.


          Using 7.4 as an example:-


          If you go into process (It is not necessary to de-activate the process to do this) you can view the properties of an action regardless of  whether it is a windowless action or a collection based action, and rename the action instance to anything you choose.  This is referred to in the 74NewFeatures guide http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-22075 on page 54.


          If you are on an earlier version, it is slightly more complex, you cannot rename a windowless action without either creating a new action with the new name, or removing the existing action and renaming it.  A collection based action can be updated by going into object designer, opening the parent module such as incident, and identify the collection you wish to modify.  Selecting that collection will allow you to manage the action of that collection, enabling you to rename it.


          I hope this helps





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            Not sure if you are using WebDesk, but in adding to what John has said, there is currently problem # 5189 related only to WebDesk in v7.4, where the renamed action is not the one displayed - you only see the original action name.  This is due to be fixed in v7.5

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              That explains it then.  I would change the names but use web-desk to test as an end-user.  So I guess until the new release that will not change.  Thank you so much everyone : )