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    Copy data from Incident to Change Request




      When I am working in an Incident and i need to create a change request from this incident i have "Create Change Request" Action on the left, but when I choose this option, in the new Change Request windows haven't any information from the Incident. Can someone explain to me how can i copy information from Incident to a new Change Request.


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          I haven't implemented this myself so people may want to jump in and correct me.  We have Create Problem rather than Change in the Incident process but I'm guessing it's the same sort of functionality.


          Within the Incident Management object we have a object called Incident Problem, think this is an OOTB object.  In our Incident process we have a manual action of Create Problem from Incident which is followed by an auto action of Create Problem, opening the Create Problem window in the process we have specified runtime values depending on the field - so in the Problem Title field the value is {IncidentProblems/Incident/Title}, Problem Description is {IncidentProblems/Incident/Description} and so and and so forth for any of the fields we need pre-populated.


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            MarcelloCentineo Specialist



            Yes you have several possibilties how to set it up.

            I would suggest to create a (windowless) manual action like "Create Change from Incident" followed by a (auto) action (Create Change) which will set Title, Details etc. from the Incident to the Change via value types.

            But you will miss one thing...If the Incident has an attachment it will not copy the attachment to the Change.

            Therefore you need a trigger.


            Hope this helps too


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              Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

              This has probably already been answered but I found this: