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    preferredserver.dat not found




      We are trying to get provisioning going with preferred server drive mapping using Jan's Prefmap.


      On a side note, the preferred server side of things is working fine for software distribution.


      The issue for us atm is that preferredserver.dat is not appearing anywhere in our winpe ram drive and we are receiving an error from prefmap stating that the file is not found.


      We have looked in:








      Any help figuring out why this file isn't appearing would be appreciated.


      We are using LDMS v9 SP2.





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          Ive had the same issue when using provisioning.


          it appears that script that Jan made (prefmap) looks for preferredservers.dat, not preferredserver.dat so we did a find/replace for that name within the au3 file and that is now able to find it no problem.


          The script now works for me ...(well almost).


          it seems that sdclient is adding in a timestamp of sorts...i saw this in a post but cant find it now. The fix was in the form of an 8.8 support requested patch.


          Basically, from what i can gather


          In 8.7-8.8 there was two changes made regarding preferred servers, the name changed as mentioned above and the timestamp was added to the preferreredservers.dat file.


          The issue now is that the mapping process of prefmap is treating the timstamp as part of the hostname and hence failing.


          If i remove the timestamp from the preferredserver.dat file, it works perfectly (once the provisioning process fails and i can open up a new console within winpe)


          So, if what i said is actually correct, then i think all i need to do is figure out how to tell sdclient not to add in the timestamp and it will work, however im a little unsure if its a simple as a switch, seeing as a patch was required to "turn it on".


          The sdclient switches i seen documented dont mention anything like a no timestamp switch, only /f /o which is for the default and overrite options.


          Kind regards



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            EMiranda Expert

            what version are you using, i think there is a newer one here - http://www.droppedpackets.org/technology/scripts/preferred-server-tools/

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              Thanks for that, works a treat once we updated the registry key for winpe.


              Very nice solution when you match it with your autoit script for installing drivers http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-8674


              Kind regards