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    Using vPRO with external consoles



      Hi all,



      I saw using several LANDesk and AMT versions (LDMS 8.7-8.8 and AMT SMB/ENT) that external consoles can't authenticate themselves with amt.



      No issues with console on Core server. I'm not using TLS.



      Anyone solved this problem?






      Jary Busato






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          Leon SupportEmployee

          Which version of AMT are you using? AMT 3.0 is only supported in 8.8.

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            I'm using AMT 2.2 and is supported by LDMS 8.8. Beyond the same issue come with LDMS 8.7SPx



            In fact, LANDesk support give me a patch that solves the problem.






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              The patch does'nt solve the issue.



              Anyway, this problem is not related to machine AMT version because, during PSK generation for One Touch Configuration, you have an error about missing credentials on configure-services (of course on Core server I put admin AMT password).



              It seems console can't retrieve account information from menù console->services (disabled on external consoles).



              Looking AMTConfigDLL.log, on Core Server I have:

              3/21/2008 10:46:12 AM : Main Thread AMTConfig.ReadOOBCredentialsRecord() - fnGetOOBCredentials() - success

              and on all consoles I have

              3/21/2008 10:35:52 AM : Main Thread AMTConfig.ReadOOBCredentialsRecord() - fnGetOOBCredentials() - Failed









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                CraigMiddelstadt Master


                Sounds like a problem with the credentials used on the core.  Go to the Core Server WIN32 console and open Configure -> Services and select the Intel vPro Configuration tab.  Insert the AMT admin account password under "Current Intel vPro credentials".



                Note:  the default password admin will never work from here.  The current section must be the strong password set on the AMT machine.  The new password section is only used after the machine has already been configured with a strong password and you choose to change it.



                Do you have Provisioning in non-TLS mode selected here?






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                  I remark that from Console on Core Server all is working correctly.



                  So, I've configured AMT credentials and provisioning is in non-TLS mode.



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                    Hi Jary,



                    Any news of that? I have exactly the same issue. I also have open a call to LANDesk....



                    Question for you, is you PPS/PID is correct regarding the use of them??









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                      Hi Lionel,



                      I haven't any news about this problem. LANDesk support couldn't reproduce this problem.



                      I'm not sure about what you asked me but as I wrote above, from remote console I'm not able to generate PPS/PID pairs. I get an error about missing credentials.



                      No problems on Core server.



                      Hope this helps,






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                        Thanks for your reply.



                        OK sorry I will explain in a better way



                        I have generated about 100 PID/PPS on the core server. Then change the BIOS on 5 devices with these pairs PID/PPS. After, I can connect to the devices without any problem (AMT summary, power downs, etc...). The problem reside, when I look agin in the ID generation box, only 2 ID are marked as "In use". Only 2 but I have installed 5 device! My question is do you have also this strange behavior regarding the PPS generation box?












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                          If you wrote this question yesterday I said you no.



                          Now I've just received a customer call that highlights the same issue with One Touch Configuration (USB+DNS record) on AMT 2.0 in NOT-TLS mode.



                          Personally I never encounter similar problems and I think you should view amtprovmigr.log to understand root causes.



                          Best Regards,






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                            Hi there,



                            Has a resolution been found for this issue? I have two additional consoles that are unable to connect through to AMT functions. When trying to view AMT summary, I notice they do not specify a username that they are trying to "Connect As"



                            I do however have 1 working additional console that is able to access AMT without issue.  The only difference is the working console is on Win2003 server and the consoles that do not work are WinXP and Vista.


                            Also I am running LDMS 8.7 with SP3, SP5 and TVT integration.










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                              Another one where I am having the same problem...  I also have a call into support about this, but figured I'd run it by you folks in the forum.  They gave me this patch but, which we already knew, I had later versions of these files with my 8.8 SP2 install. already  I even copied over the files included in this patch in a test environment to no avail.  No vPro functions from remote consoles, only from the core.  Also, when executing to see a vPro summary (from the core) it takes about 3 minutes to return that data.


                              I also did a test by going to generate ID's (we don't have to do this) but when I try to do this from a non-core console, it tells me that I must configure vPro passwords in Configure/services. Which, again - I have done already on the server.


                              Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance.