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    'Product Usage By Computer'... for multiple computers?




      I am interested in something like the 'Product Usage By Computer' report, but it only works for a single computer. Ideally I'd like some way to create a single report for several computers with combined usage information. (I could of course run individual reports and then combine them through some external means, but it would be nice if there's a way for LD to create the combined report in the first place.)


      If I could see how the single-machine report is constructed, maybe I could figure out if/how to modify it for multiple machines. But I don't see a way to inspect the original report.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


      P.S.  I posted this question awhile back at http://community.landesk.com/support/thread/1338 because it seemed related to another thread.  I usually try to avoid cross-posting, but I had not seen any response, and it actually seems more relevant under the 'Reporting' section.