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    Profile Migration


      I have a simple question and have not been able to find an answer.  Will the LANDesk Profile Migration tool allow for migrating a profile from Domain A to Domain B?

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          The profile migration can capture all the profiles from a machine and restore to the same or different machine. Now if a machine has profiles of users from different domains (strange, in case of disjoining from one joining with another) then profile migrator would be able to capture all profiles from one machine & restore all to other machine regardless of domains. 

          But it would be great, if you let us know the actual requirement so that someone can give you the right approach or some kinda tweak to get this done.

          You can refer the below document for more details.


          - Regis

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            We are looking to migrate from Domain A to Domain B. We do not want to have to lose all the personal settings and would like to migrate those settings to the new domain.


            IE. domain right now is old.local, and going to new.local we want to move old\user to the new domain as new\user.


            Does the LANDesk profile migration tool support migrating users profiles from the current old.local domain to the new.local domain?

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              I have used a Tool from Forensit called User Profile Wizard, that was able to move a client from 1 domain to an other.

              It's free for Private Use.


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