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    Agreement Escalations - Completions




      This should be a quick one hopefully.


      I've been asked to update our escalations so that they run from Open to Resolved, rather than Open to Closed. Putting the Completion Status as resolved, in my mind raises a risk that the escaltion would not reach an end if the ticket is Closed without ever going via Resolved first.


      I was therefore thinking that instead of the Resolved status being used, set the Completion Status Type to Completion to get round this.


      My question is whether this would still be captured if the ticket was put straight to Closed? Of course Closed is an end status, and not a completed status so I would like any comments around this and if anyone has hit this issue before and what workarounds (if any) were needed.


      Thanks a bunch


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          Hi Daniel


          Not sure if you can achieve it directly through escalations, as it looks as if you can only specify the end of the escalation as being of type "Completion" or "End", and not both.


          As a workaround, is it possible to modify your process slightly, around your "Closed" status.  Just prior to "Closed", is it possible to put a new dummy status of type "Completion" (which when reached will complete the escalation), which is followed by an always true pre-condition, which is followed by an automatic "Move On" windowless action that does nothing but move on, which is followed by your "Closed" status.


          Therefore, each time the process gets to the new dummy status (and completes escalation), it automatically keeps going to "Closed". 


          I'm not sure if that made any sense or not... 





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            Thanks Paul,


            That was exactly the answer I was looking for!


            Tested, and implemented perfectly.