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    Changing the PXE Menu


      Currently, our environment consists of a few subnets with pxe reps which we use for provisioning deployment.


      However we are about to do a mass migration from WinXP to Win7.


      So we will need all the computers in various subnets to be able to pxe boot into WinPE provisioning.


      We will end up setting an option in DHCP to forward all pxe requests to the Landesk 9 server.


      It works great for the few subnets where we have this deployed.


      The question is, if there is a way to change the pxe menu if we have it set up that way?


      My boss wants me to remove the other options that we rarely use.


      Is that possible?

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          This link may help you to remove the unwanted menu options from F8 boot menu.


          - Regis

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            tdavenport Specialist

            If you configure your DHCP Scope options, you can point to the correct boot environment there.


            Option 66 is the PXE Server

            Option 67 is the boot environment - So if you look at your entry, it probably points to the full boot menu. Instead, look at (one of) your PXE servers and browse to:

            C:\Program Files\LANDesk\PXE\System\images\x86pc\undi - you will see a bunch of subfolders, each one containning a StartRom.0 file.Select the proper boot environment and update the Option 67 setting on your DHCP Server to point there. Upon the next PXE request, your machine will bypass the menu altogether and go straight into your desired boot environment.


            Here's a discussion I had on this about a year ago that might give you a little more info as well.  http://community.landesk.com/support/message/68060#68060

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              I question i have is that, I have option 66 configured to point directly to my landesk 9.0 server.


              It's not a deployed pxe rep, but the actual server.


              I was hoping I could edit the pxe menu in the landesk 9.0 server, but i dont see the path to do it.


              I do however see the path in the pxe reps i have deployed for testing.


              Does the landesk server have a path like the pxe reps which i can edit or use option 67?  (trying to avoid creating another machine as a pxe rep)


              If not, I guess I can just create one pxe rep and have option 66 point to it. 



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                Also for option 67, if I just wanted WinPE to boot all the time, would setting it to:


                C:\Program Files\LANDesk\PXE\System\images\x86pc\undi\winpe\startrom.0


                be the correct?


                And everytime a machine network boots it will go to winpe?

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                  v.taillet Apprentice



                  To boot automatically without F8 Menu, do this :


                  - Deploy PXE representative script to your server

                  - Once installed, go to services.msc

                  - Stop and disable "LANDesk PXE Service"

                  - Start and put it on automatic "LANDesk PXE MTFTP Service"

                  - Go to "Scope Options" of your DHCP

                  - Add "066 Boot Server Host Name", value = IP of your server

                  - Add "067 Bootfile Name" value : x86pc\undi\provwin\startrom.0


                  That's all.

                  Each time a computer will PXE Boot, it will automatically load your boot.wim, without F8 Menu

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                    Worked like a charm! Thanks!