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    LANDesk Power Management?

    rawman Apprentice

      Does anyone have info regarding LANDesk Power Management?  It seems to be something our site would like to look into but I cant find too much documentation about it other than news releases...is this an add-on?

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          It is a vulnerability - CF000001, and is treated as such. So if you are familiar with patch/security it is just another vulnerability.



          vul description



          This checks whether or not the power options on a computer is in compliance with the currently defined power options. If not compliant, the computer can be configured following the user defined power options. Users can configure settings for Monitor, Hard Disks and Standby. Users can configure settings for both Plugged in and Battery states.

          This security threat is not supported on Windows 2003. Even though it appears to be supported in the "Affected Platforms", support for this operating system has been removed through the LANDesk scripting feature.



          All the settings are under Custom Variables Tab.  I believe that you need at least patch to use this.



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            It there any options or addons that would give added power features?



            We would be interested in something that tells the PC's to turn off at 8:00pm and back on at 8:00am.  Monitor off after 20 minutes of inactivity is ok, but I would rather the PC's get turned off.









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              8.8 SP1 is slated for additional functionality in this area.

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                As noted by the other posts, there are power management compliance tools in the product and planned for hte future; however, it seems you're asking how to shut systems down. Send a bat file calling %PROGRAMFILES%/LANDesk/Shared Files/winrestart.exe -d.






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                  Thanks for the head up... both to you and puercomal.



                  I did not know about %PROGRAMFILES%/LANDesk/Shared Files/winrestart.exe -d, but I did know I could send a shutdown.exe command.



                  Where can I find more info about 88 SP1?






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                    MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup





                    We don't do the shutdown but we do provide a free LANDesk plug in called Power State Notifier Lite. It gives you a real-time picture of the power state, login state, and screensaver state of each of your systems. You can use it to see if your power policies are taking effect.



                    Have a look at http://www.marxtar.com for details.



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                      LANDesk's new Power Management module will be released with the LDMS 8.8 Service Pack 2 in Q3 2008.  It allows an administrator to easily create, deploy, and evaluate power management policies.  It will be available to all LDMS customers who are current on their LDMS maintenance agreements.  The attached document provides further information.  Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.






                      Rob Fotheringham, LANDesk Product Management



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                        This looks interesting.  Where is the data for the report coming from?  Do you have the year's power usage for the machine stored in the database so that the prediction report is based off known data?   Is power consumption being provided as a content service so that specific makes/models have pre-configured power consumptions?  How are you handling the situations where more than one power vendor will be in place because of multiple locations and how is that linking into the logical geographic grouping of devices? Is the data being uploaded with inventory or vulscan?  What about periods where machines are not on the corporate network using power, is that excluded in any way?  Finally, (for now) how are you handling timezones?  I assume the times indicated here will be applied at the local timezone on the client, but how are central reports affected by this?



                        This is much needed because the existing power policies were not far reaching enough, but finer detail would be useful on how visible the data is and what can be done with it.






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                          Looks great.. Glad to see that more work is going into the power managment realm...:) :| 



                              One of the biggest problems that I've seen with Power Management is that its profile specific. You cant set one policy which is for the entire machine. ( Please correct me if I am wrong) We had to actually build a custom vbscript which does some registry changes to get a policy to work for the entire system. In order for LANDesks current patch to work each user will have to have a vulscan run to so that the settings will be applied to the new logged in user.I thought that since LANDesk runs as the system account it would control settings for the entire system, but this is not the case.




                          Does the new enhancements in SP2 fix this? 










                          Thanks in advance,

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                            The new Power Management module will deploy power policy at the machine level.  Feel free to email me with any other questions.



                            Take care,



                            [email protected]



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                              Binskin Apprentice


                              This looks like a fantastic tool, ive just come from a meeting discussing 09 objectives, one of our bigger ones will be greener computing. Jumped into the forums and looks like this basically has it all wrapped up already.



                              Looking forward to SP2 in Q3.



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                                We have installed SP2 - Where do we find the new Power Management module??


                                I have installed all patches on the core, i have installed the client and console patch on my machine, rebooted, but there is no Power Management section under the Tools menu.

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                                  MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                                  You need to re-activate your core for the license to take effect.  If it still doesn't show you need to check with LANDesk to make sure they have added Power management and Launchpad to your license record.


                                  Mark Star - MarXtar LANDesk Enhancements

                                  Home of Power State Notifier & Wake-On-WAN for LANDesk

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