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    Using Provisioing and Scopes in LDMS 9.0SP2

    KrisBultinck Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I am having some problems implementing scopes on my core server in combination with provisioning.


      Currently all users of LDMS have no scope defined and can see all devices.

      We want to change this because of a new project and want to limit the scopes of all teams.


      I take away the “all machines” scope and add two new scopes created based on the information I found in the following forum topics.




      A screenshot of the configuration of my scopes is attached.


      The Scopes works great when you work inside the console but every time I activate scopes the engineers are no longer capable of deploying new devices.


      The way we work to provision the clients is as listed below:

      -       Start the workstation and using F12 we boot up the LANDesk WINpe in provisioning mode.

      -       The Enginieer log on.

      -       Out of the available OSD task they select the job they need en the delivery method.

      -       After confirming with OK the task starts on the client.


      But when I use scopes, the task does not start.

      It runs to 40 attempts and then quits.


      What can I do to fix this?


      Thanks for any tips.

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          The machines have to show up in the user scope before they can do the provionsing on the machine.  So if your engineer have access to the 32 bit console, after they do winpe provisioning, they need to make sure they can see the machine in their devices before they can start the provisioning process.  They can click on the icon as shown in the attached screen shot to manually refresh their scope.  Provisioning is tied into the users scope, as oppose to OSD which is not.

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            We also had the same problem at our site. You need to have all devices scope to at least see bare metal devices. Perhaps it is best practice(we do it on our site), to create a seperate account with all devices scope, but only give it provisioning rights. Then you should use that account for provisioning.

            The normal users accounts can be given rights to RC, send software and so on, but leave out provisioning.


            The downside is that always the same user will pop up in the logs if something goes wrong.

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              KrisBultinck Apprentice

              Thanks for your reply.


              I will use this workaround, because I need a fast solution.


              However, is this the best of LANDesk?
              How do others deploy workstations true PXE and using scopes?



              Thanks for any feedback

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                bnelson Employee

                Here is how I got around it in the past. When I imported the devices I added a custom data string called BareMetal. Then I created a query on that string and used that to create a scope. When the device provisions and the new agent is installed that custom data is wiped out so that device then falls out of the BareMetal Scope. Give everybody who will be using provisioning access to the newly created BareMetal Scope and your problem is resolved.