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    LDMS MCP and Agent Updates


      I have a question about updating the existing LDMS Agents deployments after a series of MCPs have been applied to the Core.

      I am running LDMS 9.0 SP2 and have just applied all of the Monthly Component Patches.  Now reading the docs it says to update the Agents using the Security and Patch Manager and updating them as vulnerabilities.  Now this works out ok, but requires a reboot and sometimes redeploying the repair task to apply additional patches after the reboot.


      I also tried to update an Agent by simply redeploying the Agent via LDMS and having it reinstall.  This seemed to work as well, and actually worked better.  Didn't require a reboot and application of additional patches post-reboot.


      Is this a supported practice, and if so, why isn't this the preferred method over Patch Manager?